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Aussie huntress travels the world but keeps home in her heart!

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I have been around the world. A couple of times or maybe more. Missed some flights, been in some fights, on many a foreign shore but as the song goes... “I still call Australia the best friggin’ hunting destination in the world.” 

It’s not because we breed the best red deer heads in the southern hemisphere or because we boast 45 different species of game animals to hunt. To be honest we don't even come close. It’s certainly not because our hunting day concludes with a long soak in a jacuzzi at some big-arse Texan ranch while the hired hands cape out our trophy in the stinking heat. In my Aussie hunting experience a woolshed and a swag has been the closest thing to ranch accommodation and at the end of the day we are the hired help, though ‘stinking heat’ has often been the case while i'm caping out my trophies. 

Across New Zealand, South Africa and the United States there are great hunting destinations but there there is nothing quite like Australia for leveling out the playing field with the game animals. Here at home it is the closest to what I would call true hunting. This that I wanted to demonstrate to our overseas huntresses and fans during the filming of season 2 of Heart of the Huntress.

I would be joined by Margaret Botha, from South Africa, as we hunt the untamed Cape York in North Queensland, and later to NSW to team up with the heavily pregnant supermum, Donna Partridge.

First stop on the way to ‘The Cape’ was a meat hunt for red deer in South East Queensland, with our official photographer and all round great guy, Steve Lurie. After much sweat, a rolled ankle and lots of heavy breathing our first hunt drew to a close and the sun started to set. Margaret sat atop a ridge and fired a successful shot at a hind. A ridge with no vehicle access of course. Our hard work paid off and after the retrieval Kiwi Steve promised venison sausages, which arrived for our Northern NSW section of the trip.

The Cape presented its challenges, as always. The heat, the flies and the vast distances to travel were indeed a test for Margaret and I. The land was dry, plagued with scars from recent grass fires and with the area in the midst of their annual cattle mustering operations, the hogs were keeping themselves well hidden. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and luckily for us, the only things being killed were a good collection of Cape boars. It took many hours of challenging walking and stalking along almost dry creek beds but the hunt was definitely a success.

A tree change was quite welcome as we headed south toward the sheep farming country of NSW. The weather cooled and the sepia coloured landscape were replaced by a lush green, brought on by recent rains. Margaret could be forgiven for thinking that we farm flies in Australia. They were the thickest population of ‘pests’ she had seen in all her time in Australia. Closely followed by almost plague proportions of rabbits. I found great pleasure in spending many afternoons with my bow, perched aside a rabbit burrow, chasing ingredients for rabbit stew. Meanwhile, Donna and Margaret stirred up the local pig and fox population with their rifles. We finished the trip with 2 fallow deer for the esky. In the style of ‘hunting like a girl’ we had our fair share of laughs, mischief and general bloopers!

Season 2 promises plenty of action, as we continue our adventures with a Buffalo hunting trip planned for mid-2017. It has indeed been a whirlwind year with plenty of obstacles being thrown in our path however, we have taken this as an opportunity for growth and new experiences, including the filming all of our own hunts, and having a larger hand in production and post production phases. 

You can follow us on Facebook at  www.facebook/heartofthehuntress and if you have not already, grab yourself a copy of our series 1 DVD (South Africa) at www.heartofoz.com 

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