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HCG Like a Girl


Ok so you are all familiar with our catch phrase HUNT Like a Girl but did you know HCG Like a Girl is not only the place to turn for women’s hunting apparel in Australia. We also offer some great designs for pretty much anything you can get up to in the high country. HCG Like a Girl casual clothing is designed for women just like you who have a passion for the outdoors. If you love hunting, fishing, riding, camping, and farming then you should be proud of it. HCG clothing offers some great designs in comfortable, practical, womens cuts. Just because you love to spend time in the bush with the boys it doesn’t mean you have to dress in their clothes!

Through our own range of clothing as well as the Prois brand of women’s technical apparel we hope to be able to provide for the needs of women with a passion for getting out there and living life to the fullest. It's your life, live it... Like a Girl.


Who are the High Country Girls

High Country Girls support and encourage each other to be happy with who they are. We are happy to share our stories by a campfire and to look out for each other. We might spend more time with our male ‘mates’ than we do each other but we stick to together because we are ‘More than just one of the boys!’

We hunt, we ride, we farm and fish us High Country Girls sure know how to live... Like a Girl.

WANT TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY? Share your stories, pictures and more with our HCG LIKE A GIRL FACEBOOK community now.


Whats with the clothing names? Who was Boris?

When you hunt like a girl you look out for your mates. As a dedicated hound hunter not all of my mates have two legs. Over the years we have unfortunately lost a few great dogs. When I decided to look into designing my own range of casual wear I started giving the clothes pet names so that I didn't confuse them all in my head. What better pet names to give them than that of our hunting dogs. So now when you wear your "Boris" singlet or your "Rascal" and "Darkie" hoody wear them with pride because you know they were named after a great hunter.



 RIP Boris


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